Angarsk (Russia)


JVK-Cimolai had  manufactured and supplied steel structures for the project "Transmission Supports "AT-105" of overhead  power transmission line".
Four supports are located in the Krasnoyarsk region by the river Angara and provide external power supply for the main oil pipeline pumping station "Kuyumba-Taishet".
The support structure consists of 8 tiers with the total height is 125 m. The ground dimensions are 25x25 m. Weight of support is more than 250 tons.


Client: A subsidiary company  JSC "Transneft"
Scope of work: manufacture and supply of steel structures
The amount of metal structures: more than 1000 tons
The project is commissioned in January 2016

In accordance with the classification of the Town Planning Code of the RF, special transmission on the technical indicators is considered to be a unique object.

    • during the construction of the basement under each support 96 piles 11 m long had been sinked,  a concrete grillage 500 m3 was built 
    • for  the supports assembly the special equipment such as crane capacity 500 tons with an extended gibwas required 
    • metal structures are covered with a corrosion-resistant coating by thermal spraying of zinc thickness of 200 microns, which guarantees the protection for at least 50 years
    • the length of the span between supports is 2 km, the altitude difference between the banks of the Angara River reaches 240 m at the junction.