Lakhta Center: Entrance structure

Saint-Petersburg (Russia)

Фотография объекта Lakhta Center. Entrance structure
Модель объекта Lakhta Center. Entrance structure

“JVK-Cimolai” LLC executes the project of the entrance group of Lakhta Centre.  

Entrance group of Lakhta Centre is a large span steel structure. The system of cross trusses carries all the load. Currently, JVK-Cimolai does not only produce the structures for the incoming group of the building but will also execute installation works.

Social and business complex Lakhta centre is being constructed in Primorsky district of Saint Petersburg. The height of the building is 462 meters. It will become the northmost skyscraper in the world and the highest building in Russia and Europe. “JVK-Cimolai” LLC supplies the steel structures to this unique object. 

To discover in advance all the possible difficulties that may rise on the object during the installation of these complex steel structures, the samples of the arches were manufactured and their preliminary assembly was carried out in the workshop. JVK-Cimolai specialists also developed the method statement for the installation. 

Initiator and investor of the project: “Gazprom”

Client: “Renaissance construction” JSC

Scope of work: KMD design, production and installation of steel structures

Volume of steel structures by “JV KONAR-Cimolai”: more than 2100 tons

— We call the incoming group an arch structure as, from the designer point of view, it is a complex of six arches, - says Roberto Magri, the first deputy of the director of the company. – Steel structures made of  extra high tensile steel will be allocated above these arches.  Maximum height of the arch in the middle of the incoming group is 20 meters, the length of spans that create arches – 98 m.


The high tensile steel C345-5 is used in the structure as there is a big pressure in the elements of the arch caused by wind or snow.  It is also used due to the special geometry – one of the arches according to the architectural concept is tilted to the side.

Main arches consist of bended pipes of big diameter Ø530х25. Production technology of such pipes is very time-consuming and consists of several stages.