Saint-Petersburg (Russia)

2018 г.
Фотография объекта LAKHTA CENTER. TOWER

JVK-Cimolai implements  design, manufacture and supply of steel structures for the construction of JSC "Renaissance Construction" social and business complex "Lakhta - Center", which will  be opened in 2018. The height of the building is 462 m.

This project is implied as an official "Gazprom" group headquarters in St. Petersburg. This high-rise complex will also open up new horizons for the quality of life for the citizens of Saint Peterrsburgh such as: the modern eco-friendly offices, comfortable public spaces, green areas, advanced infrastructure. The task of the initiators of the project - the Gazprom group - to build a new center of business activity in the northern capital freeing the historic center from  business hustle and bustle thus decreasing traffic flows.

The idea occurred on the basis of the urgent problems of urban development. The concept of the project "Lakhta-center" includes the construction of the St. Petersburg epicenter of business life, scientific and educational complex, sports and leisure facilities, as well as a number of public services and service industries. An extensive public spaces are designed here, including a fabulous outdoor amphitheater overlooking the bay for cultural and mass events and celebrations.*


* All information and photos are taken from the official source - the press service of the "Lakhta Center"

Informs Renaissance Construction JSC
The initiator and investor of the project: the  "Gazprom" group
Customer:  "Renaissance Construction" JSC
Scope of work: development of KMD, manufacture and supply of steel structures
The amount of metal structures "JV KONAR- Cimolai": 25 000 tonnes

"... More than half of the space will be set aside for public functions: research and education center, children's center of entertaining science, a planetarium, exhibition spaces, a medical center, a multipurpose hall for meetings, conferences, theater, music and costumed performances, sports center, an outdoor amphitheater and a number of public services, including  bank department, shops, restaurants, cafes, etc ."

Informs Renaissance Construction JSC


  • Every new floor slab is turned by 0.82 degrees about the axis of the building. This is how an effect of twisting is created.
  • It is Lakhta Center which will be the second building among the twisted buildings in the world by height. The floors consist of five petals that twist and have their axes. The axes, in their turn, twist about the building’s central axis reaching gradually the center.
  • А 16-meter sphere-planetarium will be located in the Multifunctional center and is designed as if hovered in the air.
  • Over 72,000 square meters of glass will be required for the façade glazing. 16,000 glazing units will be required to create it. Each glazing unit is a parallelogram in shape, and one corner of each is bent by three to four centimeters.

 *All information and images are taken from official sources, i.e. Press Center of the MFC Lakhta Center and http://lakhta.center/