Chelyabinsk, Russia

Фотография объекта CATWALK BOVID
Модель объекта CATWALK BOVID
Фото объекта CATWALK BOVID

Catwalk at a height of 14 meters is designed for horizontal communication between the buildings of the business center "BOVID" on the fourth floor level and the hotel and "Vidgof" at the level of the third floor. The length is 77.6 m. The height of the transition from floor to ceiling is 2.1 m

The shape of the facility resembles a transparent cylinder, which consists of several sections. The unusual shape of the structure is formed by octagons which are compiled with bearing rings, rotated relative to each other to 22,5º. Glass modules have a triangular shape. Each 4.18 m long section accounts for 16 equal triangles, and there are 273 triangles for the whole catwalk. This is the first and so far the only facility  in Chelyabinsk  created from completely translucent glass Guardian with Schuco aluminum profile.

Assembly of the main parts of the facade consisting of three-dimensional units was made on the ground. Then giant trusses (the weight of one unit is 33 tons) were risen into the air and erected  with the help of cranes.

Customer: Trading House "BOVID"
Scope of work: design, fabrication and erection of steel structures of whole catwalk
Amount of supplied metal structures: 112 tons
The project is commissioned in November 2015



“An integrated approach to work, willingness to search for innovative solutions in unusual situations allowed us to implement the project at the highest level. The object was built within an individual project. You will not find a similar catwalk neither in Chelyabinsk nor in Russia", - said General Director of "JVK-Cimolai " LLC Alexander Leonov.

          An important engineering feature of the object is that it is also an overpass for the construction of heating pipeline and plumbing. Underground laying is not possible because of close location of a large number of urban underground highways. Communication facilities are hidden under the wooden flooring. Constant temperature is maintained by a modern air heating combined with ventilation. All work on the facility was under  JVK- Cimolai supervision.

The catwalk was  designed by "JVK-Cimolai" LLC together with Incide engineering representatives. Detailed engineering design was executed by "JVK- Cimolai" design department in Chelyabinsk.