Volgograd (Russia)

Фотография объекта VOLGOGRAD ARENA
Модель объекта VOLGOGRAD ARENA

JVK-Cimolai supplies steel structures to the stadium and carries out the entire complex of installation work of steel structures.  35 engineering and technical personnel and about 60 workers and line managers are working on construction and erection site in Volgograd.

"Volgograd Arena" Stadium – is a modern sports facility which will provide the possibility of placement of 45 thousand people.  Natural lawn with heating and drainage irrigation system will be laid on the field. Of all the facilities being built for the World Cup - 2018 Volgograd Stadium is the most difficult and perhaps the most beautiful. There will be an unusual cable-stayed roof and facades in the form of relief crossed lozenges resembling five-pointed stars and is associated with the firework devoted to Victory.

The stadium will be built on the banks of Volga River where the Central Stadium is located on the area of 20,22 hectares. As part of the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia there will be 4 group stage games. In the future, the stadium will be the home ground of the local football team "Rotor" and will also be used as a multifunctional complex for a variety of mass  events.

The capacity of the arena: 45 000 people.

Initiator of the project: the Ministry of Sport of the Russian Federation
Land Area: 20.23 ha
The total area of the stadium: 122,426 m²
The amount of metal structures: more than 8 500 tonnes
Deadline: 2015-2017

"... Because  of the technical complexity and the uniqueness of the object, it was decided that we should concentrate supply and erection in the only hands to ensure high precision and high quality both in manufacturing and in the assembly. Own construction and assembly authority was set up for this purpose that require a serious organizational work, search of highly qualified specialists. Today most of those who erect Volgograd stadium have experience in the erection of the Moscow stadium "Luzhniki", "the Opening Arena" and the Olympic stadium "Fischt" in Sochi ... " - Alexander Leonov, General Director  JV Konar-Cimolai


Alexander Leonov, General Director of JV Konar-CIMOLAI:

"... There are three categories of requirements: to the quality of welded joints, to the geometric parameters and the quality of anti-corrosion coating. Everything is difficult on Volgograd stadium, that is, all the requirements are extremely high. For example, the largest steel structures are beams of  compression ring -  they have length of 16 meters. Thus, the length tolerance does not exceed 1 mm, and the angle tolerance for a terminal flange is only 0.05 degrees. These are the inclinations that we can afford. Specialists understand what I mean: it is very low tolerance for steel structures. This is a different type of production, a different approach to quality, and generally results difficult to achieve. However, we have achieved this quality and I can confidently say that our young company is among the leaders in the industry. "