"Akhmat Tower"

Grozniy (Chechen Republic)

2017 г.
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JVK-Cimolai makes the design, production and supply of metal structures for the construction of the “Akhmat Tower” Multifunctional High-Rise Complex.

MFC «Аkhmat Тower», named in honor of the first President of the Chechen Republic, Hero of Russia Akhmat-Hajji Kadyrov, will be erected in the center of Grozny, on the right bank of the Sunzha River and will become a landmark not only in the capital of the Chechen Republic, but throughout Russia.

"Akhmat Tower" will be integrated into a single architectural complex with a shopping center "GROZNY MALL" through a pedestrian bridge, which is a gallery where restaurants and cafes with panoramic views will be located, as well as an exhibition with photos and a history of construction of facilities.

The initiator of the project: LLC MFC "Ahmat Tower"
Scope of work: development of KMD, fabrication of metal structures for basic supporting parts of NCRT columns
Metal construction: 440 tons
Deadline: 2017

"... The building will have a lobby, offices, restaurants, a banquet hall, a five-star hotel, serviced apartments, a SPA complex, a fitness center, residences, penthouses, a viewing platform, a panoramic restaurant and a museum and exhibition complex."

The press service of the GC "SMART"

Features of Ahmat-Towers:

The uniqueness of the project lies in the geographical location of the complex - this will be Europe's first skyscraper, built in a zone of high seismic activity. Due  to specially designed structural and technological solutions, the seismic stability of a skyscraper has no analogues in the world. The height of the building is 435 m.
Being an expression of modernity, development and advanced technologies in construction, the Akhmat Tower MFC is a tribute to the traditions and history of the Chechen people. In its proportions and silhouette, the building is a collective image of traditional Vainakh (Chechen) architecture.

* All information and photos are taken from an official source - the press service of the GC "SMART" and from the site http://smbuil.ru/