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“TSNIPISTARK” Ltd Main focus of the institute – Design of modern structures of fittings for oil and gas complex, main fittings, fittings for petrochemical companies, thermal and atomic power.
Website: www.instark.ru

JSC "KONAR" – machining production with the most modern park of machining facilities, machining centres, engineer and experimental centres, measurement systems

Website: www.konar.ru

 "VEBB" Ltd – “Ready to operate” work execution including project design. Erection of reinforced-concrete and metal constructions. Installation of cast-in-place structures of any complexity. Electrical works. Fit-out works.

"STANKOMASH" Ltd – successor of well-known OJSC “FRPC “Stankomash” founded on the basis of Chelyabinsk special mechanical plant №78 named after Sergo Ordzhonikidze opened on May 16, 1935.
Website: www.stankomash74.ru

“Kuznitsa” Ltd – large scale production company founded in 1989 specialized in production of high temperature stamped blanks on hot-forging presses, horizontal forging machines and steam-air hammers.

Website: http://volkuz34.ru

Industrial Park “Stankomash” established for developing high-quality productions of priority industries and realization of import phase-out projects, aimed not only at inner demand support but also at the production of export-oriented products.

 Website: www.stankomashpark.ru.ru

"BVK" Ltd – modern Russian-Italian steel-casting foundry. Main direction of the company activity – production of items for fuel-power and nuclear-power complex, shipbuilding and machine building complex.

Website: www.bvk74.ru

"Plant of Power-Building Constructions" - is a unique plant built in record-breaking time that produces large-sized structures for electric power industry: lattice power line supports, long distance railway contact system supports, open distribution unit portals, lightning tower, lightning conductors

Website: www.эскон.рф

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Our main partner – “Cimolai” is one of the leading companies in the field of metal structures that operates in Italy as well as abroad. The company specializes in production of metal structures for bridges, viaducts, stadiums, residential and non-residential premises, military facilities; industrial-purpose welded beams for the oil and gas industry objects (in the shelf area) and the ships; goffered shields made of stainless steel for tankers, cylinder and polygonal piles for power transmission lines and TV cables; tubes of large diameter and wall thickness as well as marine hulls.

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