Unique steel for

Unique steel for "Akhmat Tower"


In 2017, “JVK-Cimolai” implements the "Akhmat Tower" project which will become a landmark of not only the Chechen Republic but also of the whole Russia.

The unique Alform 700M and Aldur 700QL1 steel (manufactured by the Austrian company «voestalpine Grobblech GmbH») is used in production due to the high seismic activity of the location zone of the building,

The extra-strong heavy-gage steel Alform 700M and Aldur 700QL1 is an excellent combination of high hardness, extra-strength and good resilience. It is an ideal alloy for use in systems and structures, the parts and components of which are subject to severe wear by hard minerals and other abrasive materials.

At this stage of the project implementation, the steel structures for basic support parts of NKR columns are manufactured from this steel.

The transfer of finished products for "Akhmat Tower" is scheduled for August 2017

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