Commissioning permit for the “Volgograd Arena” stadium in the construction of which the "JVK-Cimolai" took part was received on April 3.

Commissioning permit for the “Volgograd Arena” stadium which will host the FIFA World Cup matches in the summer was received on April 3.

"The new arena has been built on the site of the old stadium owned by the football club «Rotor» and after the completion of the main world football tournament it will pass to the Volgograd team. By the numerous requests of the “Rotor” fans, the traditional club colors prevail in the color spectrum of the arena. The uniqueness of the object is also in its cable-stayed roofing system and its facade contains elements resembling a festive salute," said the Minister of Sports Pavel Kolobkov.

«JVK-Cimolai» LLC was involved not only in the manufacture and supply of steel structures to the stadium but it also carried out the whole scope of installation works in the part of steel structures.

In total, "JVK-Cimolai" LLC  manufactured and supplied more than 8,500 tons of steel structures for the construction of the stadium.

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