Sports accomplishments of JVK-Cimolai’s employees

Sports accomplishments of JVK-Cimolai’s employees


On November, 11 under yearly sports contest among the youth of the companies in Leninsky district, the team of "JVK-Cimolai" took part in the bowling tournament. 

The team was built up both from the specialists of the workshop and engineers and technicians headed by the captain Ruslan Aliev.

Two games were played within the framework of the tournament, the total of scores defined the winner. JVK-Cimolai’s team has been awarded with honorable silver medal, outplayed by a few scores by the team of ChTPZ. The bronze medalist was ZEM.

In total, 7 teams participated in the tournament: "JVK-Cimolai", ChTPZ, ZEM, Chelyabinsk ChKPZ, Konar, ChZMK and Chelyabinsk Mechanical Plant. Throughout the year football, volleyball, track and field, swimming and tennis competitions were held under the framework of sports contest. The final stage of sports competitions will take place in the nearest future, where representatives of Chelyabinsk production companies will compete in the ice-skating relay.

"JVK-Cimolai" team:

1. Aliev Ruslan

2. Chernikov Yevgeny

3. Khisametdinov Dmitry

4. Khakhulin Stanislav

5. Zhuravlyov Sergey

6. Khisametdinov Salavat Ramazanovich

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