Multifunctional complex GES-2 – new project of the Plant

Multifunctional complex GES-2 – new project of the Plant


“JVK-Cimolai” takes part in reconstruction of GES-2 (Moscow). A museum of modern art GES-2 will appear on site of a former city electric power station under the authority of V-A-C foundation*.

Production of steel structures for the culture complex is distinguished by high requirements for exterior. Such requirements are determined by the fact that the structures will become a part of architectural space of the museum. To guarantee high quality and abidance to all the client’s terms, it was decided to produce experimental samples. After the inspections and corrections, the project was launched for production.

In total, the plant will supply more than 150 tons of steel structures.

Appearance of a new exhibition space is a major event in cultural life of Moscow as well as Russia. Opening of a museum is planned for the year of 2019.


*V-A-C (Victory – The Art of Being Contemporary) – foundation created by Leonid Mikhelson in 2009. The aim of the foundation is assistance to development of Russian culture and art.

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