Personnel Training is one of the important directions of any production. "JVK-Cimolai" uses advanced technologies and modern equipment, and as a result, the enterprise is in need of qualified personnel.

In autumn 2017, it was decided to start working with educational institutions that train future specialists for production. The first educational institution is  ready to provide students for practice is the Chelyabinsk Technical College of Industry and Municipal Economy named after  Ya.P. Osadchiy. The technical school prepares young specialists for manual and mechanized welding.

 In September 28 for the future graduates was organized an excursion to "JVK-Cimolai". The event included two stages: presentation of the Company and a visit to the production workshop.

At the presentation, the company's employees introduced the students to the history of the company, corporate policies and projects that the plant implements. Specialists-technologists told about the existing equipment at the Joint Venture Konar-Cimolai.

In the workshop, the guys could clearly see all the stages of production and get acquainted with the manufactured products. The students actively asked questions and were amazed at the plant's capabilities.

Practice for students will begin in November and last for several months. By results, the most distinguished will receive proposals to become part of the team of the "JVK-Cimolai".

In the near future it is planned to cooperate with other educational institutions that train qualified specialists for production.

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