Honorary Stankomash employees  in

Honorary Stankomash employees in "JVK-Cimolai"


August 15, with a regular visit to the "JVK-Cimolai" arrived machine-building veterans

Acquaintance with production was traditionally held under the supervision of the chief technologist of the enterprise Andrei Kashapov. He introduced the guests to the history of the company's establishment, presented unique equipment and projects on which the plant's specialists work.
A special delight of the guests was caused by the project, which is now being actively implemented at the Company - the entrance arch of the MFC "Lakhta-Center" (St. Petersburg). Its massiveness and perfect assembly amazed and left a pleasant impression for the veterans.

Veterans also noted that the workshop and production technologies have changed for the better: "With such equipment it is certainly nice to work!".
After visiting "JVK-Cimolai", the guests went to get acquainted with other Companies  of the Industrial Park "Stankomash". In total, up to the end of the year, 3 more excursions are planned for honorary veterans of labor.

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