Completion of the project

Completion of the project "Lakhta Center. Entrance construction"


"JVK-Cimolai" LLC realized the project on manufacturing and installation of metal structures of the entrance group of the Lakhta Center in St. Petersburg.

The entrance group of the Lakhta Center - is a long span steel structure. The system of cross farms has assumed a load bearing.

- The design of the entrance group is a complex of six arches - says the first deputy director of the enterprise Roberto Magri, - the maximum height of the arch in the middle of the entrance group is 20 meters, the span length of arches – 98m on axial points.

The work on the project consisted of three stages:

1. Development of KMD

2. Manufacturing of steel structures and control assembly in the shop

3. Mounting the steel structures

After the initial technical negotiations with the client and designer, the engineering center of the "JVK-Cimolai", working drawings of the KMD brand were developed using 3D modeling software, which allowed to control the spatial geometry of the project.

Then the drawings went into production. One of the features of these steel structures is the use of high-strength steel C345-5. The use of this kind of material was necessary because of two factors:

1. External influence on the structure: in the elements of the arch, there is a great pressure due to the effects of wind and snow.

2. Feature of the geometry: one of the arches, according to the architectural design, is slightly littered on its side.

In order to identify in advance the possible difficulties that may arise at the facility during the installation of these complex structures, arches were made and pre-assembled in the workshop. Also, in connection with the high requirements for manufacturing by the management of “JVK-Cimolai” LLC, it was decided to perform a control assembly of all parts of the input group at the production stage.

- At the initial stage of the control assembly, the arch structures were assembled from separate elements using special supports (conductors). Next, a control assembly of all steel structures was carried out. Very difficult work was carried out not only on the control erection of each arch, but also on their interconnection, - says A.V Kashapov, the chief technologist of the enterprise.

Manufacturing of structures and assembly of the structures were carried out with the constant support of the topographic and geodetic control service. The surveyor built a 3D model of the finished structure With the help of the laser, excluding deviations in production, which allowed to meet the high requirements of the customer for the manufacture of steel structures, and also to avoid problems during installation. This technique is rarely practiced in factories for the manufacture of steel structures because of the high cost. But thanks to the laser-beamer, JVK-Cimolai LLC has the ability to control the process of manufacturing steel structures at each stage of production, while at the output it is exactly the product that the customer needs.

After the control assembly, the arches were dismantled for large-sized elements and transported to the construction site.

During installation, heavyduty cranes were used, as well as individual temporary support structures, on which the arch elements were mounted. After the final stage of the installation of the arches was carried out - the process of unscrewing - the gradual removal of temporary supports with the transfer of loads to the main load-bearing structures. It should be noted that thanks to the control assembly of all steel structures in the production department of "JVK-Cimolai" LLC, significant problems during installation were avoided. In total, about 60 people were involved in the installation.

The Social and Business Complex Lakhta Center is being built in the Primorsky district of the city of St. Petersburg. The height of the building is 462 m., it will become the world's northernmost skyscraper and the tallest building in Russia and Europe. It should be noted that "JVK-Cimolai" LLC carries out manufacturing of steel structures on this unique object not only for the entrance group, but also for the main tower of the public-business complex.

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