Shortly before the May holidays “JVK-Cimolai” took part in the 80th jubilee track and field relay race of the Leninsky district of the city of Chelyabinsk. The relay race was devoted to the Victory Day.

The event was held on April 22 and 40 teams participated in the relay race. The participants were the representatives of the general education schools, technical schools and colleges as well as of the industrial companies.  In total, the number of the participants amounted to more than 500 people: mixed teams (6 females and 8 males) and male-only teams. The route of the race was along Mashinostroiteley and Maslennikova streets with a total length of 5560km.  The head of the Leninsky district Alexander Orel and the deputy of the State Duma Anatoly Litovchenko welcomed the participants during the opening parade

The employees of our company from very different activity spheres took part in the race, however, all of them were united by the commitment to victory.  “JVK-Cimolai” is planning to participate in this event also the next year and reach new heights.

- We will train and next year we will reach great heights. Football and tennis tournaments await us. We invite all the interested employees to the team because sport is the pledge of health of the employees and of the unity of the spirit in the company! – states the head of the team and the head of the “JVK-Cimolai” assembly and welding station, Salavat Khisametdinov.

“JVK-Cimolai”  employees also actively participate in the districts sports and athletics competitions of the young workers in swimming and volleyball; football and tennis tournaments.                                                               

Among the sources: lenadmin74.ru

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