Fabrication Stages

and Welding

The fundamentals of a technologically advanced company fabricating steel structures is the reduction of time and material costs for different operations with steel, work pieces and finished articles. The fabrication process at JV Konar-Cimolai consists of several stages. The equipment in the workshop was supplied from Europe and the USA. It is kept upgraded constantly. Part of the machines at JV Konar-Cimolai does not have equivalents in Russia. 

Preparation station makes 35-70 tons of different types of work pieces daily. The station transmits them in complete sets to the assembly line. The station includes the following operations:

  • Bead Blasting
  • Plates Joining
  • Cutting (mechanical and thermal)
  • Chiseling
  • Bending
  • Weld Edging Preparation
  • Milling
  • Drilling
  • Flattening

Assembly and welding operations constitute the most important and labor-intense stage of steel structures fabrication. The work pieces pass though the beam assembly machine, and then they go to the welding station. The welding station is equipped with the machines for the following principal operations:

  • Automatic Submerged-Arc Welding
  • Shielding Gas Semi-Automatic Welding
  • Manual Arc Welding

All operations in the welding station are performed based on the technological procedures that are developed preliminary. The procedures indicate the type of welding, weld performance techniques, dimensions, welding mode, and allowed deviations.

The surface of the structures goes through the bead blasting cabins to be prepared for painting. Further, the finished article passes through the powder coating cabins that were supplied from Italy.

Equipment used:

Shot-blasting machine GOSTOL tst P (Slovenia)

For metal cleaning before launching  into production.

  • Machine capacity  up to 100t per day.
  • Max. length of work piece 12000 mm.
  • Max width of work piece 2500mm
  • Max height of work piece 1100mm

Guillotine shears CBC ID2-CN (Italy)

Guillotine shears for sheet metal cutting

  • Working area width 3000mm
  • Max. thickness of C245 steel plate 22mm
  • Max. thickness of C345 steel plate 14mm
  • Inaccuracy in cutting ±1mm
  • Machine has the following functions:
  • Auto unloading of parts
  • Auto exchange of cutting angle
  • Auto measurement of detail length.

Sheet straightening machine Faccin R9-3000x40 (Italy)

CNC Sheet straightening machine

  • Max. plate length 12000 mm.
  • Max. plate width 3000mm.
  • Max. plate thickness 40mm.

Beam processing machine Ficep 3003/12 GDD (Italy)

CNC portal three-coordinate machine for profiled rolled metal drilling and milling

  • Max. dimensions of work piece 24000x3000x1200mm
  • Max. drilling depth ø 100mm
  • Max. drill diameter 40mm
  • Machine has milling and marking function

Gemini HP 36 (Italy)

CNC portal machine for drilling, milling and sheet metal thermal cutting

  • Max. drilled diameter up to ø 40mm
  • Max. milled diameter up to ø 400mm
  • Max. work piece length 24000mm
  • Max. work piece width 3600mm
  • Metal thickness 4-127mm
  • Machine has 2 modules for drilling with automatic tool exchange

HGG SPS 2000 (Netherlands)

 CNC machine for thermal pipe cutting.Possibility of cuttings out and slitting with rotation at 360 °clockwise and counterclockwise. The unique feature of the machine is advanced possibility to produce complicated symmetricalitems from pipes.  

  • Max. length 15000mm
  • Min. pipe diameter ø 100mm
  • Max. pipe diameter ø 2035mm
  • Max. weight 40t
  • Machine has a marking function

Machining centre Soraluce (Spain)

CNC machining centre. Dimensions of machining surfaces:  

  • Length 10000 mm 
  • Height 1600 mm 
  • Width 1350 mm

Drilling-punching machine Ficep P113 (Italy)

CNC machine for drilling and punching of sheet rolled metal details. 

  • Max. dimensions of worktable 1000x800 mm
  • Max. drilling diameter 40mm 
  • Max. thickness 40mm. 
  • Max. detail thickness for hole punching 25mm. 
  • Machine has a marking function

Vernet Behringer HD 1215 (France - Germany)

CNC machine for drilling and sawing of profiled rolled metal. 

  • Max. profile height 600mm
  • Min. profile height 50mm
  • Max. work piece length 12500mm 
  • Max. profile width 1200mm
  • Min. profile width 50mm
  • Max. drill diameter ø40mm

Messer Omnimat L 8800 (Germany)

Unique two-portal CNC machine for sheet rolled metal thermal cutting. Gas and plasma cutting (straight and bevel), marking, layout working with printer or plasma.Overall dimensions of incoming table: 56x6m. It is equipped with a filtration system and air purification.

  • Plasma cutting portal with chamfering function 
  • Max. angle of burner rotation 45〫
  • Max. plate thickness if straight cutting 80mm
  • Max. plate thickness if being chamfered 45mm
  • Gas cutting portal with 4 cutters for metal slitting and 1 cutter for chamfering
  • Max. slitting metal thickness 300mm
  • Max. chamfering thickness 62mm


Drilling-milling machine Ficep P27 DD (Italy)

CNC machine for drilling sheet rolled metal details. 

  • Max. dimensions of work piece 80 x 1200 x 800 mm 
  • Max. drilling diameter 40mm 
  • Machine has 38 symbols drum for marking
  • Machine has 6 units storage device for auto tool exchange

Beam welding machine T-Master, Cimo 1201L (Italy)

Machine for beam assembling and welding in vertical positionwith the following flattening of shrinkage distortion in one operation.

  • Max. dimensions of the beam:4000 х 1450 х 20000mm 
  • Manufactured in Italy, specially for JVK – Cimolai. 

Welding machine Steel Mec Sald, MRHPRC 60 (Italy)

Multi-purpose welding machine for  automatic welding under flux covering 

  • Rolled metal welding of different thickness
  • Welding of joints in down position of max length up to 15000mm. 
  • Working area 6500 x 6500 x 20000 mm.

Beam Assembly Machine ZL-1800 (Сhina)

Rapid assembly of beams in a vertical position by arc welding  by means of tacks

  • Assembling symmetric beams and variable cross section beams of the web angle up to 15°
  • Automatic installation of components along the axis followed by potholder in one operation


  • It is able to roll up to 20  types of items
  • With max. pipe diameter 510  mm roll forging diameter
    18 000 mm
  • Rolls quantity – 3
  • It has automatic program control

2 Painting Chambers Savim (Italy)

Painting and drying of finished metal works.  

  • Chamber №1: 15000 х 8000 х 8000 mm
  • Chamber №2: 35000 х 8000 х 10000 mm

Shot blasting chamber

Сleaning of finished metal works before painting. 

40000х8000х7000 mm