Software packages:

  • Tekla Structures 21.0 – 45 Licenses. (3D-modeling, design of KM and KMD);
  • AutoCAD – 10 licenses (design of KM and KMD);
  • SAP2000 – 3 licenses (Calculation, KM);
  • SCAD – 1 license (Calculation, KM);
  • Autodesk Inventor Professional 2016 – 1 license (the program for the calculation of steel structural elements)
  • Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional 2016 – 1 license (the program for the calculation of engineering structures of buildings and constructions on durability, stability and dynamic influences).


  • 45 Ingeneers
  • 45 TEKLA Licenses

3D model

2017 г
Volgograd (Russia)
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Activities of the Office

Technical office of JV Konar-Cimolai LLC – is one of the most fast-growing offices of the company that performs the following activities:

- 3D-modeling, that includes in-depth development of every structure in order to obtain the model of the project which fulfils all requirements applicable to the work of real structure;

- Based on a 3D model, the design documentation (steel structures details) is developed. The results of this development is the delivery of the confirmed drawings to the production. This is the signal for the start of the production release.  

These are the main work-streams, but the activities of the office are not limited to them only. There is also analytical part, work connected with planning and assessment, because all these aspects go along with the production process.

Technical Office’s work is closely related with technology engineers, managers, and of course with the workshop, located at the same facility as the offices. This allows to solve some questions quickly and effectively, directly "on-the-spot".

Currently, technical office is engaged in such large-scale projects as Lakhta center (that is expected to be Europe’s tallest building) in Saint Petersburg, stadiums for 2018 Football World Cup in Volgograd and Nizhny Novgorod.

The package of detailed engineering drawings based on 3D design system guaranties repeatability of elements on site and in space, whatever geometry of frames is. High-level CAD-systems of 3D-modeling Tekla Structures are used in the process of three-dimensional structure design.

Based on three-dimensional model internal structure of programs automatically allows obtaining all necessary technical documentation: rolled metal products specification, the list of welding joints, the list of metal products, the list of deliverable assemblies etc. The Office performs integrated development of design and engineering documentation based on the solid frame model, which is an advantage. It reduces the time for the fabrication preparation.

Design group has experience in designing objects of high hazardous class as well as unique ones. The team has self-engineered and "know-how" products regarding connections of tubular structures.